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It’s time to have a real, raw and authentic conversation about your property!

SE Property & Co provides residential real estate services across Northern Tasmania with a focus on the greater Launceston and surrounding regions. 

“Only those things are beautiful in which are inspired by madness and written by reason” –  Andre Gide. 

Hi there! I’m Selena. Business owner, entrepreneur, mum and all the things. 

As someone who loves a challenge and thrives off being busy, it only seemed natural to start my own business. Little did I know, that would eventually turn into three!

 So how did it all come about? 

Having worked in the real estate industry for 13 years in both the corporate and boutique sectors, I had seen enough to know how the industry operates. I quickly learnt there isn’t a great difference – we dare to be different but when we strip back the boutique lingo, it’s corporate dressed up (or down, technically!).  

I still loved the industry, but I wasn’t in love. 

Intrinsically I started soul searching. Seeking inspiration and motivation to do, to be and to fuel my engine.

That’s when it hit me. It was time to ‘shake up’ the industry.  It was time to be real, raw and authentic (everything my real estate training told me not to be!).  

So in 2022, I started SE Property and Co. A new way to do real estate. A new way for me to thrive in my passion, but on my own terms. 

Alongside SE Property, I have a love for cooking, baking and Tasmanian produce. In fact, a few years ago I even made it through the first stages of MasterChef (but you won’t see me on the tv!). That’s why I decided to open my second business – The Kitchen Collective by 1Food. A place for me to utilize my flair in the kitchen and create amazing food options for everyone to enjoy. 

In my spare time, I also operate an Airbnb business called Fond of Tasmania where I manage airbnbs for owners who are time-poor (or live elsewhere). 

When I’m not busy working, you’ll catch me shooting goals on the netball court, having a glass (or two) of wine, being sassed by my two-year-old daughter or going for a hike in nature. 

Selena Lowe

PS. Need some credentials?
I am a licensed Real Estate Agent (in Tassie and Victoria) and working towards a Bachelor of Business majoring in Management & Marketing.


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